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Medical Oxygen Sensors and Handheld Instruments for Ventilators and Respiratory Therapy

OEM and replacement respiratory and anaesthesia O2 Sensors from Analytical Industries Inc and the Process Sensing Technologies Group.

We provide medical oxygen sensors for OEM ventilator manufacturers as well as handheld oxygen analyzers for medical gases. FDA-approved for use in respiratory therapy, advanced life support systems in intensive care and emergency medicine as well as in outpatient care and surgical respirators for protection of medical staff.

Medical Oxygen Sensors

Advanced galvanic type % oxygen sensor with excellent stability and accuracy under stringent applications. Compatible with all major brands of ventilator or respirator.

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Handheld Medical
Gas Analyzers

AII-2000 and AII-2000 Palm O2 FDA-approved medical gas analyzers for verification of oxygen and other medical gases used in clinics. Maintenance-free, they offer a sensor lifetime of up to 32 months and a battery life up to 18 months continuous operation (Palm O2).

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Dew-point measurements in compressed air, breathing air and medical gases are vital for patient safety and reducing maintenance needed on equipment.

Why AII?
Designed for the rigorous demands of healthcare:

Unmatched Quality Control
Every sensor is subjected to extensive quality assurance testing providing you with documented test results and the most reliable oxygen sensors available today.

Longest Expected Life
With our technology, sensors are expected to last up to 5 years in normal use.

Realistic Warranty
Sensors are warranted for up to 18 months based on 60-70% Oxygen levels.

Superior Service
The most common products ship within 24 hours. Knowledgeable engineers and service representatives are trained and ready to assist.


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What we do
Analytical Industries Inc manufactures high-quality electrochemical oxygen sensors and gas analyzers for industrial process control as well as breathing air for diving and medical treatment.