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Blanketing gas safety in landfill and waste water treatment

Landfill sites produce methane that is generated by decomposition of waste. In order to harvest the gas, water is injected into the site. The gas with 40-60 % methane is then compressed and delivered via a pipe system to its point of use. To keep the procedure safe oxygen levels must be kept below LEL of 2%.

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Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Monitoring oxygen concentration in wastewater digester gas. 0 to 21% O2O2 / Air GPR-2800
Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Monitoring and controlling the minimum oxygen concentration (MOC) to prevent explosive mix formation during landfill gas piping. <2%Landfill gas
Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Measurement of oxygen as an impurity in production of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)0 to 10 ppm O2H2 GPR-1600
Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Maintaining the purity of the oxygen injected into waste water to facilitate bacteria growth.90 to 100 % O2O2 GPR-3100

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