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Oxygen analyzers and sensors to monitor protective atmospheres for food packaging and production

Oxygen in the ambient air surrounding food and drinks reacts easily with the products resulting in oxidation that will change the flavor, color or speed up the rotting process of the products. To slow down the degradation process food products are stored and packed in protective atmosphere where oxygen levels are low. Nitrogen or CO2 are used to blanket the space around food, a measure that helps stabilize it and extend the shelf life.

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Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Oxygen purity measurement during injection of pure oxygen into fish ponds to expedite fish growth. 0 to 100% O2O2 GPR-2900
Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Monitoring oxygen during food packaging process at modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).0 to 5% O2N2 or CO2 GPR-2500
Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Measurement of oxygen in carbon dioxide background gas during the stunning process for pigs and poultry. 0 to 1% O2Varies GPR-1900
Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Monitoring oxygen concentration in blanket gas for coffee, milk, and other powders for product quality.0 to 1% O2N2 GPR-1900

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