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Analytical Industries Inc – born out of a passion for excellence and quality

Analytical Industries Inc (AII) is renowned for its high-quality, reliable electrochemical galvanic oxygen sensors and rugged, easy to use analyzers and portable instruments. Headquarted in Pomona, California, AII was established in 1994 by three engineers who wanted to use their understanding of electrochemical oxygen sensing techniques to create a new generation of sensors with superior measurement ranges and lifespan.

Today, AII supplies instruments and sensors around the world to customers in industrial control, natural gas processing, medical and professional diving industries

The product range incudes:
  • Oxygen sensors for respiratory gas ppm and% O2
  • Oxygen sensors for industrial gases in the ranges ppb, ppm and% O2
  • Oxygen analyzers for PPB, PPM and% O2
  • Analyzers for hydrogen sulphide (H2S), carbon monoxide (CO) or gas mixtures.

AII is part of the Process Sensing Technologies (PST) Group, and our customers now benefit from a wider, complementary product range and more extensive distribution network.

The other PST companies are:

Michell Instruments Rotronic LDetek Dynament Ntron Gas Measurement

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What we do
Analytical Industries Inc manufactures high-quality electrochemical oxygen sensors and gas analyzers for industrial process control as well as breathing air for diving and medical treatment.