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Ambient Oxygen Monitors for Personnel Safety

Enclosed, environmentally controlled areas in industrial locations may pose an asphyxiation risk to personnel if oxygen levels drop. Ambient O2 deficiency monitors, or oxygen room monitors, with alarms will warn staff of dangerous conditions and may save lives.

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Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Measuring O2 deficiency in control rooms/confined areas<20%, <19.5% O2Air, N2 GPR-35
Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Monitoring O2 deficiency/excess conditions inside N2/O2 generator containers mounted on skids<19.5%, >23.5% O2Air, N2, O2 GPR-35
Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Measuring the ambient oxygen levels in beverage production for oxygen deficiency. Note a CO2 sensor must also be used for leak detection.19.5% O2CO2, Air GPR-35

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