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Oxygen monitoring and control in pharmaceutical processes

Oxygen analyzers play an important role in the safe production of pharmaceuticals. Using powders and solvents in large quantities leads to significant risk of explosions. Removing oxygen via a blanket gas, typically nitrogen, reduces the chance of a fire or an explosion.

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Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Monitoring of oxygen deficiency for personnel safety.19.5% O2CO2, air GPR-35
Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Oxygen analysis in nitrogen carrier-gas with solvents present. 0 to 5% O2
0 to 21% O2
N2 various solvents GPR-1900
Application/ServiceMeasurementGas StreamAnalyzer Options
Oxygen monitoring of centrifuges during drying process. 0 to 2% O2
0 to 21% O2
N2 GPR-1900

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