Measuring Range 0-100%
Accuracy1 +2% of Full Scale
Signal Output2 9 – 13 mV
Linearity +2% of Full Scale
Response T90 13 sec
Temp Coefficient compensated
Operating Temp 0 to 45oC
Recommended Storage3 0 to 25oC
Shelf Life4 6 months
Humidity Non-condensing 0-99% RH
Expected Life 60 months
Warranty5 14 months
Electrical Conn Modular Phone Jack                                                                         

Specifications validated during design and in the pursuit of improvement are subject along with prices to change without notice.

1  In air (20.9% oxygen) at 25º C and 1 atm.
2 At constant temperature, pressure and humidity .
3  For optimum performance at elevated oxygen levels calibrate with 100% oxygen
4 Temperature compensation optimize between 25º C and 45ºC
For optimum performance , mount sensor with sensing surface pointing down or horizontal.
Sensors may be stored up to 55ºC on an intermittent (up to one week) basis only.
7 In original packaged at 25º C and 1 atm.
8 Under normal operating conditions for medical oxygen delivery equipment the sensors are warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for the specified period above provided the sensor is properly installed and operated. The sole remedy for a sensors determined to be defective by Analytical Industries Inc. is limited to replacing the defective sensors. Analytical Industries Inc. shall not be liable for buyer’s negligence, misapplication, alteration, abuse or accident