Eliminating operator error to ensure safety of technical divers



The AII-4001 Oxygen Helium Trimix Analyzer eliminates the risk of operator error in compensating for environmental factors in analysing gas mixtures for diving. In a new application note, we describe how the analyzer ensures safety by automating the process.

The safety of technical divers depends upon having exactly the right mix of oxygen, nitrogen and helium for the depth and duration of their dive. Any mistake may lead to potentially fatal conditions such as nitrogen narcosis or oxygen toxicity, so all checks must be as accurate as possible. However, external environmental factors – such as humidity, pressure and temperature – may affect readings and introduce errors if they are not compensated for.

While standard equipment used to calibrate and make measurement on breathing gas cylinders relies on the operator to manually make these adjustments, the AII-4001 eliminates this risk of operator error. As well as sensors for oxygen and helium, it also measures pressure, humidity and temperature and uses a propriety algorithm to automatically compensate for environmental conditions.

The compact analyzer is also easy to operate, charges in under two hours and provides 16 hours of continuous operation. Read the full application note.

Technical diver underwater

Picture credit: Roberto Bordin of Wet Side srl