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Oxygen transmitters are used as a blanket in liquid storage tanks and reactors and boilers. The purpose of many oxygen transmitters and analyzers are to purify the gases and make them usable for manufacturing of chemical processes.

Analytical industries have started their business by realizing a gap in the industry. Though there are many sensors and analyzers manufacturers are competing in the industry but there is no doubt about the repute and brand name of Aii. This respect from the customers is because the uncompromised dedication and excellent performing equipment manufacturing of passionate and expert engineers and workers of analytical industries.

Analytical industries all products and equipment have the best quality of extended life and latest menu driven controls. The touch sensitive menu makes the product easy to use and simpler to control. Aii has been sampling the processes for years now and it is the experience and loyal customer relations helped the company in evolutionary times.

Aii’s transmitters and analyzers analyze the concentration of oxygen, CO2 and other gases so accurately that helps in taking the decision of what to do next. The transmitter feature in analytical industries analyzers is worth every penny.

Manufacturing equipment for industrial use is definitely a tough decision and Aii made this decision years ago and is now proud of it. The key to success is to value your customers and always deliver best quality so that the customers will always come back the next time.

Stability, accuracy and performance of analyzers and transmitters by analytical industries are the core characteristics on which buyers rely and use it in their industrial processes. Transmitters facilitate the combustion processes and purify the liquid tankers.

Make smart decision by relying on Aii’s excellent and world quality products.

Oxygen sensors

Oxygen sensors are the life saver equipment for industrial and domestic usage. Some oxygen sensors are best for saturated water and some for air saturated water. Since the advancement in technology is prospering every single day so there are specific sensors for different usages.

Sensors are the only accurate way to measure the oxygen pressure and concentration in air, water and other lifesaving equipment. However, sensor calibrations are the vital feature in any oxygen sensor. The calibrations differ in their usage and according to  level of intensity sensors need to measure. For instance, dissolved oxygen sensor, the calibration standard is normally 100% fully saturated with water and air. Calibration standard is basically about these values of oxygen concentration, temperature, salinity and barometric pressure. These values determine a good calibration standard for oxygen sensors. A good calibration standard is needed to measure the performance and ability of sensors against it.

Calibration coefficients show inconsistency sometimes that cause variations in oxygen sensing methods. Many oxygen sensors have now the facility of adjusting the level and concentration of oxygen measurement, calibration can be adjusted accordingly. Innovative oxygen sensors are capable of flexibility and give accuracy of 100% in severe conditions.

Every type of oxygen sensor is sensitive to some environmental and chemical concentrations. There are some hacks to make any kind of oxygen sensor make accurate and efficient for measuring oxygen levels in other equipment but these hacks are not recommended for routine use. Equilibrium in air and water is very important for oxygen sensors to measure vigilantly. Analytical industries are an expert in manufacturing innovative and easy to use oxygen sensors and oxygen analyzers for long time.

As Aii has become a brand name in the industry for its excellent products, it surely becomes a trusted name for life saving analyzers and sensors. How meager it may sound but measuring gas and hydrocarbon levels and concentration in equipment is very sensitive and carelessness or slight variation can give harmful results. Aii’s oxygen sensors are simple and menu driven that makes it usable for a layman.

When it comes to maintenance, Aii’s oxygen sensors are usually lasts long than their claimed life but a good maintenance practice can improve its efficiency and accuracy till it lasts. Set a standard according to the usage and consistency of oxygen sensors and make sure that standard is not under or overrated. Note down the readings and look for the reason of any sort of variation if appears.

Industrial portable analyzers

Gas analyzers are now according to the latest technology that caters multiple needs at one time. Analytical industries are proud manufacturers of latest technology equipped portable gas analyzers. These gas analyzers are for gases that cause any kind of damage or are source of any kind of energy to the equipment. Industrial equipment like these portable gas analyzers are quite in demand these days as industrial workers require efficiency and wireless communication.

Portable gas analyzers by Aii are a proof of technology and innovation. Some gas analyzers measure the efficiency of gases and some measure the concentrations. Every kind of gas analyzers manufactured by Aii has long life with rechargeable battery and amazing menu driven screen. These gas analyzers are now portable that makes them useful. People are getting hold of these new innovative portable gas analyzers and are now using them as a tool to ease their operational activities.

Analytical industries are always the best manufacturer of analyzers and sensors because of their excellent efficiency and long operating life. Aii has never made a false claim regarding its products and equipment that makes it reliable and trustworthy manufacturer in the whole industry. Aii aims to keep manufacturing innovative and updated industrial equipment. the purpose of such equipment because these products and tools make the processes much easier, simpler and 100 effective. These products incur use of technology but they save a lot of time.

Portable gas analyzers what Aii has been manufacturing are the most reliable and long life with recharging and touch sensitive menu driven controls that measure and analyze gas concentrations with accuracy and efficiency.


How gas analyzers functions?

First of all it is imperative to understand the concept of gas analyzers. Gas analyzers are the equipment tool that is used in chemical and other industries during the manufacturing processes. Gas analyzers analyze the pressure, concentration of gases in the container.

Analytical industries are manufacturing analyzers and sensors for industries since a long time. Till now, Aii has maintained a reputation and a reliable brand name in the market. Aii’s gas analyzers are designed to record the exact concentrations of gases present during the process so that other equipment can remove or add it according to the need of the manufacturing process.

Analytical industries gas analyzers have evolved with the technology and time. Aii’s gas analyzers are not only easy to use but incorporated latest touch sensitive menu controls and easy to measure technology. Aii’s primary focus while developing such analyzers and sensors is always to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

Analytical industries has been making quality products for long time. Aii’s analyzers and other equipment have passed many standard tests and scrutiny procedures before coming to the market. The aim of Aii is to make industrial procedures easy and quick with no errors at all. The accuracy of analyzers is important as they have to analyze each gas concentrations and record the readings to ensure smooth chemical process without any impurities or excessive gas concentrations.

From carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide to oxygen, Aii’s gas analyzers measure every significant gas concentrations with accuracy. There are specific gas analyzers to analyzer every other gases. Industries must opt for Aii’s gas analyzers as they are efficient and give accurate readings besides having extended claimed life with more than one year warranty.

Analytical industries believe their clients are always right and giving them best quality product is their obligation. Touch sensitive controls are thought to be simple but they have the accuracy of a smart computer.

Gas sensor manufacturers

Gas sensor and analyzer manufacturers have a great responsibility now more than ever. Gas sensor manufacturers need to take care of little things and any carelessness or slight mistake can cause serious harm. Analytical industries acknowledge that a good gas sensor must have a long life, require low maintenance and is cost saving equipment.

Gas sensor manufacturers usually ignore the importance of pollution and how it effects the measurement of gas concentrations. Aii considered this issue and innovate in its design of sensors and analyzers that are least affected by environmental hazards. Unlike other gas sensor and analyzer makers, analytical industries pay attention to environmental pollution as well and are very careful in a manufacturing process that is eco-friendly and less harmful.

These Aii’s sensors and analyzers are not only easy to use but are very efficient and accurate in their readings and measurements. From fleet maintenance, medical incubators and other equipment, car tires pressure measurements till industrial uses, sensors and analyzers have become a necessity. Since the advent of touch technology, every single device tends to be a touch device, analytical industries oxygen analyzers and sensors are also sensitive to touch and have menu driven controls that are easy to understand and simple to navigate.

Most of the time, detection and measurement are the critical and crucial tasks in some circumstances so reading and detection sensitivity must be exceptional in gas sensors and analyzers.  Since, every environment is unique and different so choose the optimal sensor according to the requirements rather than opting for the best one. Choosing a sensor with multiple functionalities by thinking that it will serve multipurpose is a big mistake.

While choosing for gas sensor or analyzer, know about your work conditions and work activities. Aii’s sensors and analyzers are exceptional and live up to the claimed life warranty. Analytical industries also delight its customers with exceptional product quality.